Congratulations Graduating Seniors!

We are thrilled to have you joining us in the real “time of your life.” All of that drama in high school is now behind you and you will be amazed by the changes headed straight at you!

Let’s get down to some basics, the 10/2 rule, 10 two letter words about your future. Much easier to remember than the Pythagorean theorem:

If it is to be, it is up to me!

You might have to read that phrase a few times, but it is accurate. If you want to be a dentist, engineer, contractor, whatever, your future is up to you! Your success will be depend on your effort.

First and foremost! GET UP AND GO TO CLASS! College is your new job and you will get paid the rest of your life for getting to work (class) every day. If you are one of the fortunate ones to be headed to college on a scholarship of $20,000, you are already earning $13.88 per hour (15 hours per week class time, 30 hours per week study time, 32 weeks of school, $20,000/((15 + 30) x 32), Do you realize your high school BFFs, or adults as we now call them, that are not going to school will probably start out making about $5.00 less per hour than you are, and you’re just getting paid to go to school.

Your effort (work) in high school is earning you a salary that you might maintain all through college, if you go to work everyday. If you didn’t get a scholarship to college but you’re still attending- AWESOME! Do a great job and you can benefit by stealing the job (and scholarship) from a student who doesn’t show up to work everyday.

Second, keep applying for scholarships. There are thousands you can find online. As your grades improve, your chances for scholarships may improve as well.

Third, stay away from credit cards. Why on earth a college student living on scholarships and parents should have a credit card is beyond me. If the student needs a card for emergencies, that’s reasonable, but just don’t get a new card because you can. Nothing good can happen from building debt without income to pay it back. School loans will set you deep enough already so DON’T BORROW WHAT YOU DON’T NEED.

Fourth, pay attention to your expenses, your cash needs to last:
• If you don’t have a budget, make one, your money will last longer!
• Don’t buy what you don’t need.
• Energy Drinks, those small cans are $28.50/gallon (pass)
• Rent books rather than buying – much cheaper, easy to return, and environmentally friendly
• Learn how your debit card works, a ”credit” at the gas pump is different than a debit; ask your bank to explain. The bank may cover your purchase, but if you don’t have the cash, the fees can range from $29.00 to $42.50.
• Save for the extras; you are not required to have the best phone in the universe for college and “selfies.”
• Avoid “big spender” friends! Odds are they’ll be gone soon.
• Don’t loan friends money! You’ll lose both.
• While in college, do the free stuff. We pay $80 for a ticket to a game you get into for $2.00. Please remember, college should be fun too!
• Take care of yourself – go to class, eat, study, exercise, rest; repeat.

…and finally. Have a great time at your new job, start with a great attitude and work toward your next promotion!